David Purdon, BIM/AEC Technical Consultant, Diatec, Ireland

    • David Purdon, BIM/AEC Technical Consultant, Diatec, Ireland's presentations

    My background is in Industrial Design and AEC . Using Autodesk software since 1994 when it was introduced as AutoCAD R13 and have worked in the Autodesk channel since 2000 as a trainer, support engineer, and Technical Specialist while expanding into IT, Cloud and Virtualisation. I have used most Autodesk Software from 3DS Max to Civil 3D. I am an Authorised Autodesk Technical Specialist and Recently Certified in BIM through the RICS

    Presentation Title-

    Technology: Driving BIM adoption and innovation into the future.

    Presentation Synopsis-

    “Technology is allowing companies to meet their BIM Processes and project obligations.

    Now we are moving further into the age of connectivity we discuss what other technology advances are upon us and how it will shape the things to come.”


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