Gary Nixon, Business Development Manager, IES

  • Gary is currently a business development manager and product manager for Integrated Environmental Solutions Ltd. Gary holds an Honours Bachelor degree in Building Services Engineering from the Dublin Institute of Technology and is a member of the Institute of Engineers Ireland. Gary has been working for IES since 2007.

    In the business development role Gary has worked and is active in the Irish, UK, USA, European, South African and Australian Markets predominantly on the software side of the IES business. With Gary’s in depth technical knowledge and experience of building performance modelling software and building physics in general, Gary is able to educate professionals on the benefits and use of the Virtual Environment software and work with organisations to identify the correct services and software solutions that IES can offer to their business, ultimately leading the client to marketing differentiation, technical advantage and increased productivity.


    Previously Gary worked as a project consultant for IES, conducting building energy and environmental modelling on numerous different building projects throughout the world, as well as providing training to both company’s and university students in the use of IES software tools.
    Gary Lives in County Wicklow in Ireland.

    Presentation title Better Buildings/Smarter Cities – Reducing Energy and Costs with Integrated Building Performance Analysis


    This presentation will focus on new methods of optimising building performance utilising BIM. Looking at the difference between expected and realised building energy performance and looking at how we can close the gap in performance encountered using new technologies developed by IES. A case study will be used to illustrate the points made in the presentation


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