John Sheridan Business Unit Manager – Roofing, Sika Ireland Limited

    • John Sheridan Business Unit Manager – Roofing, Sika Ireland Limited's presentations

    John Sheridan has been working in the roofing and cladding industry for almost 20 years. He joined Sika Ireland’s roofing division in 2004 having previously spent 7 years with Kingspan’s panel division. The Sika Ireland – Roofing Division is responsible for Sika-Sarnafil single ply membranes, Sika-Trocal single ply membranes and the Sikalastic range of Liquid Applied Membranes.


    The Advantages of Cool Roofs in Construction


    This brief (15 minutes) presentation looks at some of the advancement’s in new solar reflective single ply membranes and solar reflective liquid applied coatings for existing roofs. These systems when used with greater levels of thermal insulation help to regulate and maintain a constant temperature within the building and therefore helps the building designer achieve the required internal environment.


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