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    Bio: A Senior academic at DIT Lloyd teaches Sustainable Construction to undergraduate and post graduate students. He is a Professor of Practice at the College of Architecture, University of Oklahoma. He has published extensively and serves as Associate Editor on the International Journal of Construction Education and Research. He a research fellow at the Sustainable Institute at Leeds Beckett University.
    Presentation title: Embedding Sustainability in AEC sector: A Changing landscape

    Synopsis: A question one hears often is: how do we ensure that sustainability becomes engrained in the organization especially with the external and internal requirements /demands in the AEC sector today? In the last decade, sustainability has become an increasingly integral part of doing business in any industry. For many AEC companies to balance their financial, social, and environmental risks, obligations and opportunities, sustainability must move from being an add-on to ‘just the way we do things around here’. As organizations work through these changes, there is a need to recognize that organizational culture plays a fundamental part in the shift toward sustainability. Yet, despite a multitude of sustainability reports that describe sustainability there is a lack of clear understanding of how to embed sustainability in the day-today decisions and processes.  This presentation shares some of the findings from research in the area and offers some direction to AEC companies as to ways to approach embedding sustainability in every day practice.


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