Sandra Gannon – Product Architect and Designer, IBM, Watson IoT Ireland

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    Sandra Gannon is a Product Designer and Architect in the Watson Internet of Things (IoT) business unit in IBM. Sandra has worked in software development for nearly 12 years in a number of roles such as Information Developer, Lead Information Developer, Scrum Master, and Release Manager. Sandra’s primary role as Product Designer and Architect is to work with customers to validate their business needs and to designs product changes using the latest technology that exceed their expectations working specifically on Building Information Modeling (BIM) and cognitive buildings. Sandra is a fair weather cyclist and is training for half marathons.

    Title: Move over smart buildings, cognitive buildings are here & are disrupting your business

    Abstract: The Internet of Things is here and is changing how we build, manage, and experience buildings. Cognitive computing enables the systems within your building to understand, reason, and learn from the data the systems create. Merge the two and you have Cognitive IoT which brings smart homes and buildings to a new level of intelligence. Cognitive IoT enables buildings to understand the baseline for how they operate, to reason what is normal and abnormal behaviour, and to learn and provide you with insights on how buildings can operate more efficiently. Introduce the preference of people who use these buildings and see how this influences energy consumption and the performance of assets. With this knowledge, the building can optimize individual comfort and energy consumption, and operation and maintenance teams are informed on asset health and condition. Attend this session to get an overview of how businesses are using cognitive insights to build scalable solutions and disrupting their market.


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