Shane Brodie, Consultant, MacArdle McSweeney Associates Environmental.

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    Shane is a 28 year Construction and IT industry veteran. For 24 years, up to June of this year, Shane worked for Intel Ireland working for the last 7 years in large strategic construction project delivery, focusing specifically on contract procurement and management. Shane was one of the three original architects of the BIM strategy for Intel’s refurbishment project. Prior to his contract management role Shane spent 15 years in IT management at Intel where his focus was on all aspects of enterprise mobility architecture and implementation. Prior to joining Intel Shane worked in the UK on large infrastructural projects with a focus on Mechanical and Electrical commercial construction management. Shane holds a degree in mechanical engineering from University College Dublin as well as a Masters in Management Science and Post Graduate Diploma in Adjudication from the same university. Shane also holds a Certified Diploma in Accounting and Finance from ACCA and Post Graduate Diploma in Arbitration and Construction Law from Trinity College Dublin. Shane is currently studying in his spare time for a Masters of Laws in IT and IP (Intellectual Property). Upon leaving Intel, Shane joined MacArdle McSweeney Associates Environmental (MMAE) M&E Consulting Engineers and continues to pursue a BIM utopia.


    Expedition BIM-to-BIM: The automated convergences of real and virtual worlds through an “open” cyber-physical system.

    – The Cyber-Physical Systems Cloud Based Platform

    – Platform Modules: Automatic Dimensional Control Compliance, Automatic IFC SPFF BIMs from TLS data, Automatic COBie Verification

    – BIM-to-BIM Transformation Algorithm Concept



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